Colon Hydrotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic cleansing or colonic irrigation, is a technique which gently cleanses the colon. Exposure to a poor diet, processed foods, and environmental pollution can place stress on the digestive system's function. Over time, this can cause the colon to clog and be weakened by unwanted waste, resulting in a deteriorated sense of well being. 


The aim of colon irrigation is to effectively remove toxins, mucus, acid, as well as fecal deposits from the colon and intestinal tract.  In doing so, the body is given the chance to heal itself. Each hydrotherapy session performed at the Optimal Colon Centre includes a soothing abdominal massage to help the water reach the colon's full length and ends with a chlorophyll implant. 

Q: Why have a colonic?

Colon hydrotherapy has been used by many people to relieve the symptoms of:

- Migraines & Headaches

- Candida or hemorrhoids

- Intestinal parasites

- Excessive flatulence & gas

- Skin problems

Colon hydrotherapy at Centre optimal du colon

Some reported benefits of colon hydrotherapy include:

- Constipation

- Diarrhea

- Bloating

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

- Difficult menstruation

- Colitis 

- Higher energy levels

- Better skin health

- Better renal and hepatic functions

- Relief of inflammatory and congestive states

- A clearer and calmer mind

- Better sleep

*Consult with an Optimal Colon Centre hygienist to learn about other potential health benefits.  

Having a colonoscopy? 

Colon hydrotherapy can be a good way to prepare yourself for a colonoscopy. If your doctor has ordered a colonoscopy, make an appointment with us to cleanse your colon beforehand.

Q: Is the therapy safe?

Yes. Your hygienist gently circulates filtered, temperature and pressure controlled water into the colon using sterilized equipment. This permits the water to enter gently and help flush out unwanted accumulated waste without discomfort. Your hygienist is present at all times to monitor you and adjust the water pressure according to your request.  

In compliance with CCHCC standards, the Optimal Colon Centre only uses single-use, disposable speculums in order to protect your health.

*The Optimal Colon Centre's state-of-the-art equipment meets all international medical equipment standards. It is classified as class II medical device by the FDA, Health Canada, and European Community. 

Q: Is colon hydrotherapy painful?

No. Colon hydrotherapy is not painful. You may experience varying sensations of pressure and fullness in your abdominal area as your colon is being cleansed. Your hygienist will always respect your requests to decrease the amount of pressure you experience. 

*In accordance with FDA regulations, our equipment never exceeds the accepted safety limit of 2 PSI.

Q: Is colon hydrotherapy covered by insurance?

Yes. Colon hydrotherapy is partially or fully covered by many private insurance programs under Naturopathy. Check with your insurance provider. Receipts are available upon request.